Hyperfly X ONE Pro Comp Supreme Short Sleeve Rash Guard - Dark Camo

Hyperfly X ONE Pro Comp Supreme Short Sleeve Rash Guard - Dark Camo


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​Hyperfly X ONE ProComp Supreme  BJJ Training Rash Guard - Tiger Camo


The NoGi collection combines the warrior spirit of ONE’s fighters with the cutting-edge performance of HYPERFLY ’ s ProComp collection. ONE’s core values are integrity, humility, honor, respect, discipline, and compassion – this aligns with H YPERFLY ’s mantra: YOU CAN ’ T TEACH. The ProComp Rashguard is the finest combat garment ever constructed. This collection features three designs with Long and Short Sleeve options with matching shorts to pair with. • Hypercompression that accelerates the muscle recovery process • Flyflex compression offers flexibility & support where you need it most • 12 Individual Laser Cut Panels provide for a custom fit like no other • Hypermesh offers maximum breathability in high heat zones • Engineered for daily training


* Supreme Rash Guard is built slim fir for the serious competitor. If you like to wear a little loose for comfort, then please order 1 size bigger

How is the ProComp Supreme different than other compression products?

The ProComp Supreme was conceived as a performance garment. If you are focused on maximizing your BJJ training sessions with a compression garment that was built for serious Jiu Jitsu competitors; we offer you the ProComp Supreme.

  • The ProComp Supreme uses "HyperCompression Panels" which provide the support required in high impact zones and the flexibility where you need it most; offering a custom feel that is unique to each body type.
  • The ProComp Supreme was engineered with the goal of maximizing athlete competitiveness by helping support muscular distress and reducing the recovery process, so you can get back to full strength on the mats again.

Highlights include:

  • Hypercompression that accelerates the muscle recovery process.
  • Flyflex compression offers flexibility & support where you need it most.        
  • 12 Individual Laser Cut Panels provide for a custom fit like no other.
  • Hypermesh offers maximum breathability in high heat zones.
  • Engineered for daily training and IBJJF approved competition.





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