Raymond Tan - Penang Top Team (Malaysia)

Raymond Tan - Penang Top Team (Malaysia)

Raymond Tan – Malaysia

Purple Belt under Bekzat Zhiidebay | Instructor – Penang Top Team 


Main Achievements: 

  • Copa Da Malaysia 2021 Superfight Runner Up 
  • Copa Bangkok 2019 No-Gi Silver Medalist 
  • Copa Bangkok 2019 Gi Bronze Medalist 
  • ASJJF 2019 Japan Open Gi Champion 
  • Copa Da Malaysia 2019 No-Gi Champion 
  • Copa Da Malaysia 2019 Gi Bronze Champion 
  • Copa Da Malaysia 2018 No-Gi Silver Medalist
  • Copa Da Malaysia 2018 Gi Bronze Medalist 
  • Penang BJJ Open 2013 Bronze Medalist


Favorite Position/Technique: De La Riva
Weight Division: Middle (82.3 kg / 181.4 lb) 
Team: Penang Top Team / TPSG 

Where it all began: 

Raymond Tan was born on July 19, 1987, in Penang, Malaysia. 

He has always been a fan of martial arts since he was young & his maiden experience with martial arts was when he took up Tae kwon do at 12 years old. After he moved to Langkawi two years later, Raymond was left with no choice but to put his martial arts training on hold as martial arts academies were scarce back in the late 90s. However, his passion for the sport never faded and he self-taught himself martial arts by watching UFC & Muay Thai fights. 

After graduating college, he decided to pursue his dream of becoming a professional MMA fighter. Since MMA was fairly new in Malaysia back then, the only martial arts gym was a Muay Thai gym located 2 hours away from him & another small BJJ gym in Penang. After years of training, Raymond & his partner founded an MMA gym in 2012 called Kombative Fitness / Penang Top Team where they focus on Muay Thai, MMA & BJJ. During this period, Raymond have competed in Asia’s Biggest MMA organization-ONE Championship four times (2013-2015) & obtained one of the fastest submissions in ONE Championship via guillotine in 21 seconds. Upon his retirement from MMA due to back injury, he took 2 years off from training to recover & return to train BJJ in 2017. He proceeded to compete actively from 2018 onwards & is currently an instructor at his own gym. Raymond is also working closely with other Penang BJJ gyms to grow the sport together & the collaboration resulted in an alliance that competes locally & abroad called TPSG (The Penang Sub Grappling). 

“It is truly an honour to be a part of Hyperfly Asia team transitioning from being the ambassador to their sponsored athlete. They have been with me since I started to compete actively again. Through good times & tough times, we stick together & focus on the growth of the sports & today, it is proven that as long as you have the HEART, you are able to endure any circumstances.”


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